Key Pad Polling Results

At the October 15, 2012 Route 2/102 workshop meeting, the project team had the audience participate in a keypad polling survey. There were approximately 23 people that participated in the survey, of those that participated, approximately 15 were residents of the area around the intersection, some residents from the larger surrounding area and town, and the remainder of the participants were members of the stakeholder group. 

Keypad polling is an instantaneous preference survey, that allows participants to view an image or question, with a number of possible choices. Participants use a remote survey pad (similar to a remote control) to choose from a multiple choice question, and the keypad polling program instantaneously receives and sorts the choices posted for each image or survey question. Attached to the link below are the slides and questions asked with the percentage of answers given for each question. 

Town Survey

The town also conducted an online survey to gather input about what individuals would like to see in the future at the western Route 2/102 Intersection. These questions paralleled those that many people already answered during the October 4 Public Workshop and the October 10 Neighborhood Focus Group. The town has compiled these responses and has provided the results in the link above. These responses as well as the input received at the public workshop and neighborhood focus group meeting will be shared with the stakeholder group in order to come up with a vision for the area that will work for people with a range of perspectives.

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