Allen Harbor Marina




For more information contact

Allen Harbor at 294-1212




 Click the attachments below to see pictures of gorgeous Allen Harbor located at

24 Bruce Boyer Street in North Kingstown, RI





The ramp at Allen Harbor Marina is still open and free of charge. Parking is free of charge.


The new ramp at Allen Harbor was partially paid for by a Federal and State grant.  The ramp still belongs to the Town of North Kingstown and is managed by the Allen Harbor Marina staff.


Previously a wash down station was available to boaters, the wash down station is now closed.


Please do not hesitate to contact Allen Harbor Marina if you have any further questions.


You can always contact us on or off season


Recreation department phone number is 268-1542.







In the northeast corner of the former Quonset-Davisville Naval Base is the Allen Harbor Marina, located in a natural sheltered harbor with excellent views of Narragansett Bay. Acquired from the Navy, the Town owns and operates the Marina that includes 83 moorings and over 100 slips. In addition a boat ramp is available for public use. The seasonal staff is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the busy boat ramp and the Marina that is open from May through October. Their chief task is to provide well maintained facilities for the community to enjoy the recreational opportunities of the area.