Comprehensive Plan Re-Write

Based upon the requirements of RIGL 45-22.2 entitled “Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act” (the Act), every municipality in Rhode Island is required to adopt a comprehensive plan for their community.  The Town of North Kingstown last updated its comprehensive plan in 2008. 

Some of the key features of the Act include:
•    All municipalities are to prepare and adopt a single comprehensive plan that are to be updated and re-adopted not less than every ten years;
•    each plan is to include certain standard content, and that forecasts, goals, and policies must be formulated looking at a minimum 20-year planning horizon;
•    public input and comment is required during the comprehensive planning process;
•    comprehensive plans are to serve as the foundation for municipal zoning;
•    plans are to be reviewed by the State to assure they are consistent with the provisions of the Act; and
•    State agencies are to conform their programs and projects to municipal plans that have State approval.

The State of Rhode Island approval of the 2008 North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan expired in 2013.  The town must adopt a new re-write of the 2008 plan.  This plan should establish the policies and initiatives that the town wishes to implement over the next 20 years.  Planning staff envisions a comprehensive plan that is very concise with numerous maps, graphics and pictures.  The goal is to create a plan that is easily read and highly utilized.    

The North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan rewrite should clearly articulate the vision and goals of the community and provide the town with a roadmap for accomplishing these items. This comprehensive plan rewrite is a critical step towards establishing innovative and successful policies and practices that will guide North Kingstown to a sustainable future.

The town has hired a planning consultant, Interface Studio, to assist in the rewrite.  The re-write of the comprehensive plan is a significant undertaking.  Some of the baseline data collection efforts thave begun.  Once the baseline data is collected, the public input process will begin.  The proposed work schedule encompasses approximately 10 months. 

The public participation component is a necessary and integral part of the re-write process.  There will be significant involvement of Planning Staff in the public participation process.   A public outreach and visioning process is necessary to insure public participation.  This is a critical component as the plan needs to reflect a broad vision of the community’s future.  This public input process will include the establishment of a steering committee to assist in the plan creation.  This committee shall include representatives from across the community and local government.   



Interface Studios has completed a draft of the comprehensive plan re-write.  A copy of that plan can be accessed here via the following link to Dropbox.   Draft Comprehensive Plan Re-Write .  The appendices are also available here:  Appendices .  You do not need a Dropbox account to view the document.  Once on the Dropbox page, click on the download option towards the right side of the screen.  The window that opens will ask you to create an account OR you can scroll to the bottom of the box and select No thanks, download without an account. You will then be able to view the plan.  

As a part of the comprehensive plan re-write process, the Planning Department would like to offer access to a web-based review tool to provide a collaborative platform to streamline the review process.  We have established a ReviewStudio portal to provide an easy-to-use markup tool that allows you to submit comments digitally to the Planning Department as you review the plan.

The ReviewStudio tool, which includes the comprehensive plan re-write, can be accessed with the following link: ReviewStudio-NK Comprehensive Plan

By clicking on this link you can access the review tool and the plan.  You can simply enter your name and start editing.  You can add comments that will appear on the right hand side of the screen.  There is an “add comment” button at the lower right hand side of the screen.  Those comments will appear as soon as you post them in real time. 
You can access a tutorial through the ReviewStudio web site here:     ReviewStudio Tutorial.  The “Review and Presentation” tutorial will show you how to use the review tools.  The tool bar to the left side of the screen gives you options to provide feedback.  The green arow shown next to some tools provides options for each tool.  You can use the brush tool to draw on the document; the note tool to provide a written comment; the arrow tool  to direct attention to an area; the text highlight tool to highlight relevant text;  and the edit tool properties tool allows you to change the color, weight etc of the brush tool.  There are also a zoom, pan and zoom to fit tools as well.

We will still accept written comments on the plan by emailing the Rebecca Lamond in Planning Department at     

If you should have any questions or need additional information please let us know.  We hope this provides an easy to use tool to facilitate the review of the re-write. 

 Social Media

A Facebook page has been established for the project.  This can be accessed with the following link:

  Resident and Business Survey

The Town of North Kingstown conducted a Resident and Business Survey as part of the comprehensive plan re-write. 

The results of that survey can be viewed using the following link:  Survey results

A survey was also conducted in 2013 by Leaderhsip RI.  That survey can be viewed below.

The town conducted a survey as part of the 2007 comprehensive plan update.  That survey is also available below.

Collaborative Map

The consultants have developed an interactive map that is available for your input at: 

  This map allows you to identify what you see as a hidden gem in North Kingstown and where you would spend money for improvements if given the opportunity.  Please check out the map and give us your input!

Upcoming Meetings and Events


April 9, 2015                 Agenda (see flyer below)       Meeting notes (see below)               Presentation (see below)

June 10, 2015                Agenda  (see below)             Meeting notes (see below)                Presentation (see below)

July 15, 2015                 Agenda (see below)              Meeting notes (see below)                Presentation (to be posted)

September 17, 2015      Agenda                                 Meeting notes (see below)               Presentation (click here for a link

October 14, 2015          Agenda (see below)               Meeting notes (see below)               Presentation

November 24, 2015       Agenda (see below)                                                                       Presentation (see below)

September 29, 2016      Agenda (see below)


Decmeber 7, 201          Agenda (see below)

NEIGHBORHOOD TOURS taking place on the following days:  

All members of the public are encouraged to attend! The goal of the tours is to gain insight on the issues, opportunities, and constraints in each area so we can then identify possible solutions.  By no means are these the only areas that the town’s consultants will focus on – there will be other tours throughout town scheduled in the upcoming months.

           Tuesday, June 9th 5:00 PM         – Tour of Post Road south of Camp Ave. 

                                                                 We will meet at the Sonoma restaurant.

           Wednesday, June 10th 1:00 PM  – Tour of intersection of Routes 2/102, including Wickford Junction,

                                                                 Stop-n-Shop/Home Depot area and Oatleys/Rolling  Greens. 

                                                                 We will meet at the Staples parking lot.

           Thursday, June 11th  5:00 PM    – Tour of Wickford. 

                                                                 We will meet in front of the Town Hall Annex. 

            Wednesday, July 15th 5:00 PM Tour of Post Road North and Davisville area

                                                                 We will meet in the TJ Maxx parking lot, 6653 Post Rd.


A Public Kick-off Meeting will be also held on Thursday July 16th at 7:00 PM in the Beechwood House, 44 Beach Street.  See attachment below.

Public Kick-off PresentationSee attachment below.

Public Meeting #2See attachment below.

The town hosted a second public meeting on Thursday, October 15th at 7:00 PM in the Beechwood House, 44 Beach Street.  The town's consultant, Interface Studio LLC, presented a summary of the information that has been collected to date.  This included a summary of the survey results as well as the identification of major issues that has been identified thus far in the process.  They will began the process of formulating a VISION for the future of North Kingstown. 

If you were unable to make it out to this second public forum, you can still review the presentation and do the same activities by following the links below or visiting the Planning Department at 55 Brown Street. The activities will be available online and at the Planning Department until October 26, 2015.

A link to the slides presented by the town's consultant can be viewed utilizing the following link: Public Forum #2 Presentation

To participate in the October 15 public forum activities click here: Public Forum Activities

Public Forum #3

The town held a third  public forum on Thursday, February 11 at 7:00 PM in the Senior Center, Beechwood Center for Life Enrichment, 44 Beach Street.  The town's consultant, Interface Studio LLC, presented a set of draft recommendations for inclusion in the plan.  They will also looked for input on priorities and implementation strategies that will be used to put the plan into action. 


For those of you who were unable to attend the comprehensive plan public forum , here is a link to the  powerpoint slides:  Also, a link is available to the online activities that were conducted at the forum:  

The links are also available on the comp plan Facebook page.  Folks can  provide their input by visiting the Planning Dept as well.  All input should be completed by until February 19.

Focus Group Meetings:

    - Economic Development and Quonset Focus Group (agenda below)

    - Natural and Cultural Resources Focus Group (agenda below)

    - Land Use, Transportation and Housing Focus Group (agenda below)

    - Community Services and Facilities Focus Group (agenda below)

Once the public input process is completed, the plan analysis stage can begin.  During the analysis stage of the process, Planning staff will assist the consultant in reviewing the existing goals and objectives that may be outdated or no longer relevant.  This will help to identify gaps in the existing plan.   

With the public input and plan analysis complete, the recommendation stage will commence.  Draft vision statements, goals and policies will be created and reviewed.  A Future Land Use Statement will also be drafted for review and discussion.  Action and implementation strategies will follow.  A draft of the final plan will finish up the process.  There will be ample opportunity for the local review of this draft before the final plan is ready to submit to the state. 

Additional Resources

There is an abundance of information that is available for review, anlaysis and incorporation into the comprehensive plan re-write process.  We will post some of this information here as it becomes available. 


The report "THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF SCHOOL-AGE POPULATION LOSS ON RHODE ISLAND’S ECONOMy"  is available below.  This report discusses the economic benefits to municipalities of having strong schools. It also has includes some local statistical information of interest. 

Healthy Places by Design

In 2011-2012, the Town of North Kingstown partnered with the West Bay Family YMCA on a Healthy Places by Design effort funded by the Rhode Island Department of Health.  This project was designed to strengthen land use, transportation and urban design policies and ordinances that guide the decision making process for the built environment to be more supportive of health, particularly as it relates to physical activity and healthy eating.  The following documents are available for review.  Please see the links at the bottom of the page.

  • Final Action Plan
  • Town Recreation Guide
  • Complete Street Resolution