Economic Development Updates and Information


The Town Council has prioritized the need to promote economic development including business retention, expansion and location within North Kingstown and has established the position of Economic Development Administrator. The Administrator will work closely with organizations including but not limited to the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB), the Wickford Economic Development Advisory Board (WEDAB),  and the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC). S/he will partner with the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, other non-governmental entities, and liaise with local, state and federal governmental agencies.  The North Kingstown Economic Development function is located within the Department of Planning and Development - 100 Fairway Drive North Kingstown, RI  02852.   Elizabeth Scullin Dolan, Economic Development Administrator, is the Point of Contact for all business related inquiries and process assistance. or (401) 268-1572.


North Kingstown is a highly attractive place to conduct business due its central location, amenities, transportation system, quality education system, and overall quality of life.  See the community "Socio-Economic Highlights" file attached below.  Please click this link for a business "FLOW CHART" illustrating a one-page snapshot of how to open a North Kingstown business.  New businesses are relocating to, starting up, or expanding in North Kingstown due to the favorable community and quality growth.  Recent examples include: Village Veterinary Clinic, BankNewport, Fat Bellys, Sears, Wickford Lumber, Sprigs, Rhode Island Real Estate, Providence Coal Fired Pizza, Madge and Mobey, Tractor Supply, Romeo and Juliet Candle Company, and Spring Pottery.  In addition, the Town continues to support the community and businesses through wise investments in critical environmental, utility, transportation, and recreation infrastructure.  Recent examples include road and commuter rail transportation improvements at Wickford Junction, and sewer planning and installation on southern Post Road and in Wickford Village.  North Kingstown recently completed a community wide market analysis providing strategic guidance regarding business and economic growth. (See document links below).


North Kingstown is upgrading its wastewater system by installing sewers in targeted areas.  In 2013, a sewer line was installed in southern Post Road (south of Quonset and Route 403).  On June 17, 2014 North Kingstown voters passed two (2) referenda by an overwhelming majority (86%) to expand sewer service to northern Post Road (north of Quonset and Route 403) and also Wickford Village's commercial properties.  On May 23rd, 2016, the Town Council approved a specific plan (W4A) that will be designed and begun by Spring 2017.  Cost will be born by commercial users only; residents in the sewer district may have the option to tie into the system. The project will take approximately two years to complete.  


North Kingstown is now reviewing an adaptive reuse proposal for Wickford Elementary School. This 5 acre waterfront property includes a 33,000 square foot former school building.  There will be future sewer availability.  The project is currently pending review of financial documents.


North Kingstown has completed an extensive community-wide market analysis project.  A final product presentation to the Town Council occurred on Monday, April 21, 2014. The individual parts of the product are posted below including the Executive Summary, Final Report, Phone Survey, Market Study Appendix, and Final Presentation. 


Wickford Junction has been identified as a North Kingstown growth center and TOD/TDR programs have recently been approved for Wickford Junction. New socio-economic data for Wickford Junction can be accessed through the attachment below (Wickford Junction Phase I).  In addition, a new "Fiscal Impact Analysis" (FIA) report for Wickford Junction is available below addressing net impacts as a result of potential full build out.  The FIA illustrates an annual net benefit of over $1,230,914 after considering revenues and costs (service and school costs). 



The update of the North Kingstown Comprehensive Plan will reflect input from both the 2014 Market Study and the input from stakeholders during the Comprehensive Plan review process. In January 2016, zoning for the Post Road District was preliminarily amended to delete the single story requirement, and to delete the requirement that parking be located behind buildings.  Section 21-94 of the Code of Ordinances. Further regulatory streamlining efforts will assist efforts to make the Post Road Corridor a more vibrant mixed use center comprised of higher density commercial and residential uses. The Economic Development Advisory Board made a presentation to the Town Council on July 18th, 2016 which can be viewed on the video of the July 18th Council meeting: we are now seeking more information and will survey Quonset employees about housing needs and preferences, and studying the benefits and costs of market rate higher density housing along the Post Road Corridor.


The EDAB mission, per Amendment of Section 2-389 (Ordinance No. 15-10, August 3, 2015), is as follows:

                   (1) Monitor and advise the Council on progress of economic development in North Kingstown;

                   (2) Advise the Council on issues of economic development policy and implementation, at the Council's request or the Board's

                         own initiative;

                   (3) Collaborate with the Town management on matters of economic development;

                   (4) Engage the business community and the public in the Town's economic development policies and initiatives, and in 

                         the implementation of community-wide economic development efforts; and

                   (5) Advise the Council on other matters that the Council may, from time to time, refer to the Board.


Created by EDAB in August 2013, WEDAB promotes existing businesses and economic development within Wickford Village. WEDAB's approved mission is as follows:

  •     Identify strategies to increase vitality and reduce vacancies within Wickford;
  •     Recommend appropriate redevelopment opportunities and concepts within Wickford;
  •     Assist to sustain existing businesses withing Wickford by addressing needs and issues;
  •     Identify existing and future physical and other needs for the Wickford business community including infrastructure, transportation, harbor, amenities, and marketing.
  •     Recommend creative economic development approaches and new business as supported by the Wickford business community.


  North Kingstown's tax incentive program includes phased in tax obligations over a six (6) year timeframe for manufacturing or commercial uses (a recent amendment added retail uses). In addition, North Kingstown "Arts and Entertainment" businesses will realize State of Rhode Island tax benefits effective December 1, 2013. 

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