This is a NEW Exemption.  It is in addition to any exemptions you are already receiving, including the Flat Senior.  You must be owner of record as of 12/31 prior year to be eligible for this year's tax roll.  This exemption applies to your primary residence.                                                       You must provide copies of 3 of the 5 required documents to prove residency:                                                RI driver's license                                                                                                                                              RI Motor Vehicle registration                                                                                                                        NK Voter Registration card                                                                                                                             a utility bill - cannot be sewer or water - and must show the address in 2 locations: mailing address and service address                                                                                                                     or your current tax return to be filed this year.   First page only                          Documents provided with the application must be in the name of the applicant.

The amount of the Homestead exemption is approved for UP TO 20% off the assessed value of your property.   This percentage will be decided once the full revaluation is complete and the budget is approved.   It will be applied to the 2022 tax bill.