Hazard Mitigation Plan

The North Kingstown Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved in August 2019.  The plan recommends updated objectives and actions for the Town of North Kingstown to minimize the social and economic loss and disruption associated with natural hazard events. This plan will address the capability of North Kingstown to reduce the vulnerability of our community to these natural hazards and will provide comprehensive guidance for hazard mitigation in the town of North Kingstown. Hazard mitigation is an ongoing process that requires continued implementation, evaluation, and revision. This plan identifies goals, objectives and recommended actions for both short-term and long-term hazard mitigation with an intention to preserve and enhance the safety, quality of life, and natural resources of North Kingstown.

The approved plan can be viewed here:  Strategy for Reducing Risks from Natural Hazards in North Kingstown, Rhode Island 2019